12 may. 2017

Thoughts of a Young Girl in Love: Thought #7

Yes, I’m only another girl on your list. I know that, I knew it from the start. The thing is, you chose to be with me for a while, and now it seems that you can’t stand it anymore. I’ve said this many times: I don’t want to tie you down; I want you to stay by my side at free will. But if you can’t do that, you may as well walk away. You always say the pain will fade away in a few days. At least, you said that would work for me; that I would forget about you just like that. So I don’t actually see why it could not be the same the other way round. All I’ll ask of you is that you stay if that is really what your heart tells you to do. And if you walk away, I want us to still be friends. I can do that, can you?
So, shall we go back to the start? I’m just another girl in a list. To top it off, I’m the plainest on the list. The ugliest, dullest, most boring girl you’ll ever meet. I might seem interesting at first, but I’m not. I’ve got weird hobbies and weird tastes. Actually, I am weird. Everything about me is so out of place that I’m never going to be able to comprehend what some people saw in me. But it must have not been much of a catch, because everyone leaves eventually. You’ll leave too, someday. I’m starting to understand as much. But I’m being as selfish as I’ll ever be; trying to delay your departure. Maybe someday I’ll be ready, and then I’ll lift the bonds that tie you to me. But until that day comes I’ll just try to make you happy. That’s what I want to do. Make you as happy as I can. Plus, thinking things twice, if you’re not happy by my side, I shall let you go. But I don’t want to lose you.

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