20 ago. 2017

Thoughts of a Young Girl in Love: Thought #17

I was scared I wouldn’t be enough for you. Scared I wouldn’t be able to love you enough. Because you taught me I had never known love. But now I do, and I lost it, and it’s breaking me. I keep going back to the same points. It’s so silly, just the thoughts of a silly broken-hearted girl.

11 ago. 2017

Thoughts of a Young Girl in Love: Thought #16

Okay, let me explain. I put up walls around me when I was young. Because I was hurt once and I wanted it to never happen again. So I put those walls up, but they were weak, and they fell. Then someone hurt me again, only this time it was worse. The thing is that the walls that were supposed to keep me safe had made sure no one was there to help me recover. So then, everything cracked. And now, I realize I’m not as lonely as I thought, I just didn’t see I had people who loved me, or at least liked me enough to worry. But it was too late, the damage is done. Now I have a hole inside of me, and I can’t get rid of it. It’s sucking me in. I’m scared, I feel so hopeless. And I’m afraid nobody can help me anymore, because that’s what he did to me. Well, not really, I did that. I locked myself up, and now it is too late to repair it. I’m falling down into my inner hole, and it is terrifying.

6 ago. 2017


Lust is a dangerous thing. It takes over your thoughts if you're not careful and it makes you do things you might regret afterwads. But it is also a need humans have, a pleasure we aren't able to deny ourselves when it is right in front of us and we have been wanting it for a long time. So there we are, trying to say No to a thing we want really badly and it doesn't matter if you suceed and say no or fail and say yes, afterwards you'll feel either guilty or frustrated. And you will probably feel angry at yourself for being so weak (as you might see yourself), but that it's okay because you're human,and all of this is part of the deal.

26 jul. 2017

Thoughts of a Young Girl in Love: Thought #15

I’m not letting you hurt me anymore. You’ve done all the damage you were meant to do. And it has just started, I know. I’ll have to endure the pain for a lot of time. But I’ll try to be strong. The thing is that for me to be strong I need to close my walls to you. Maybe one day we’ll be friends again, but I need space, I need time. And right now, if I come any closer I’ll get dragged into the hurricane of your life again. And that my love, that would certainly kill me.

19 jul. 2017

Harry Potter HeadCannon: The second generations of Marauders

Okay people, I know I don't usually do this, but i wrote this the other day and I think it shoulbe be here, just like everything else is. Careful, there might be some spoilers. And also, if you like it, leave a comment saying so and maybe I start uploading an HP FanFic or something. Thanks a lot!!

So, hear me out, ‘cause this just hit me. We always say that Harry is supposed to be the better version of James, just like Ron is Sirius’ and Hermione is Remus’. But I think we got some things messed up. So here’s my version of the second generation of Marauders:

Harry: Despite being James and Lily’s son, let’s be honest, he takes after Sirius in character. He is kinder and wouldn’t for a second give leaving someone to die a thought, see what happened with Draco in DH, like Sirius did with Snape, and that’s okay because that’s the whole point of being the second generation. But still, they both were raised in abusive households, and then arrived at Hogwarts and found their family. Just as Sirius ended up living with the Potters and considering James his home, Harry thought of the Burrow as home and of Ron as his family. Moreover, a lot of people who grow up like they did eventually repeats the process with their own family because that’s the only thing they know, and neither of them did. Instead they grew up to be loving and protective of their own families and I have to say I am awfully proud of them. They both can be harsh when in a bad mood, but those who know them are aware it is because they had a bad day or whatever, and they both withdraw when something is on their minds.

Ron: Both in the books and in the movies, Ron’s actions are mostly unseen. He takes care of everyone without them noticing, and that only became apparent after he married Hermione. Well, that’s also what happened with James. They were both raised in pure-blood loving households, and befriended the kid with a dark past. Hell, Ron befriended Harry knowing who he was and probably imagining what came along with the deal. Besides, Ron, being the youngest male child in his numerous family was used to being ignored or have very little attention paid to him, and still when he got to Hogwarts he accepted a life behind the scenes, because even though he is always beside Harry in all the trouble he gets in, he’s exactly there, beside him and a little bit behind. Okay, now someone will say that James was always in front, but he did that mostly to impress Lily or to protect the others, who were more likely to get detention or be told off. And also, Ron always tries to take a step forward when he tries to impress Hermione, but he does so in such a subtle way nobody realizes, not even her. 

Hermione: Okay, I agree she’s Remus’ equivalent, but still she is much more than that. Remus was terrified someone would know about him being a werewolf, so he was quiet but still shone with his own light because of his brilliantness and how hard he worked. Hermione, instead, worked her ass off and showed off academically to prove she was worthy of studying at Hogwarts. She didn’t hide the fact that she was a Muggle-born, she was proud of that. They were the mastermind behind all of their friends’ plans, Remus with pranks and Hermione with the fugitive thing and war strategy. Still they were both extremely insecure under their entire tough act. Hermione doubted herself much more than met the surface, and Remus never trusted himself completely due to his furry condition. Still, Hermione was kind and caring and Remus always had kind words for those who needed them. Also, and this is just a fun fact, I’ve been told James and Sirius would often copy their homework from Remus, just as Harry and Ron do with Hermione.

Neville: Most people won’t agree with this one, but still, I’m gonna put it out there. Neville was the kid who didn’t meet the expectations his family had for him. Peter’s background is fairly unknown to me, but still I think Neville’s his improved version in the second generation. Neville is always right there, but no one sees him. Peter was just the same. He participated of all the Marauders’ pranks but he was always behind the spotlight so no one ever saw him. However, I am told he became a better student after he befriended James, Sirius and Remus, given they helped him and made him show his full potential. Neville, also, started to show his potential after he finally bought his own wand and he spend a little bit more time with Hermione, who was always patient to help him out with their potions assignments. The differences between them are, most likely, the bigger. Peter wasn’t brave, despite being in Gryffindor. He wanted to be courageous, and that’s the first step to be, but wanting is not enough. He thought of himself as weak and therefore cowered before the Dark Lord and sold his friends to save his skin. Neville, on his part, was really brave. He was raised by a very strong woman who eventually told him how proud she was of him and made him realize he was most definitely not weak. And then, when the time came, Neville was as courageous as the best wizards and witches of Gryffindor and showed his true value fighting for his friends.

Ginny: Obviously, Ginny is the reincarnation of none other than Lily. She is the girl that eased into the group after a while but was a strong personality who wouldn’t make herself less loud because someone didn’t like what she was saying. They were both stubborn red-headed goddesses who excelled at what they did. They were both brilliant and strong witches who had to put up with the fact that they were females in a world run by males who didn’t take them into account. But that only encouraged them to work harder and prove how much they were worth. But of course there’s the little detail of them both eventually becoming Mrs. Potter.

Luna: Nobody pays attention to Luna, she’s just standing there and nobody cares. But you see, she is part of the group. I like to think of her as Marlene, Lily’s friend who was killed along with all of her family by Death Eaters in the First Wizarding War. And of course, as Marlene was Lily’s friend who knew her very well and saw her feelings for James even before herself, Luna is exactly that for Ginny. Luna is quiet and maybe a bit odd in her interactions with other people, but still she always knows how they feel and tries to quietly help them through whatever they’re facing. She helps Neville and Ginny through that rough dark year 1998 and even ends up being kidnapped because she was brave and loyal and wasn’t quiet about wanting to help Harry. And, although I have no idea what happened with Marlene, I’d love to think that she was like this: brave and loyal to her friends.

Draco: And finally we get to Draco Malfoy, AKA the boy who didn’t have a choice. And yes, he was that boy, but still he made a choice. Draco I refuse to call him Malfoy because he has a beautiful name is the better version of Snape. Being in Slytherin mustn’t have been easy in their eras since it was considered the house of evil. And to top it off, Snape was bullied and well, let’s face it he also was a bully, and Draco was born into it and practically raised to be mean to other people. But then they both grew up and fell in love. Here’s where their differences start. Snape was obsessive because he felt he didn’t have everything he had a right to have, so that made him more and more unhappy and therefore mean to others. Besides, being a half-blood, he was very impressed and called to Lord Voldemort’s side, just as it happened with many many people in Hitler’s era. But then, out of love, he switched sides. And that’s fine, most readers just gave him the redemption he wanted. But not me, his love for Lily didn’t stop the Dark Lord of killing her, and it definitely didn’t stop him from being the meanest to her son, I don’t care how much he looked like James, that wasn’t all right. And of course there’s the tiny little detail that he wasn’t mean only to Harry but also to Hermione and Neville and Ron and many other characters in the books. On the other hand Draco was all that, but then chose not to kill Dumbledore, chose not to join Voldemort’s side again after Harry was supposedly killed and then in TCC although some of us aren’t happy with how that book turned out he was loving to his son and grieving her wife, which I have to remind you all wasn’t a pure-blood witch but he still loved as if she held the moon in the sky. So yes, Draco was the better version of Snape, but he was way better than him because he had a very good heart in the end.

Okay so thank you for reading and I hopeyou liked it :)